2024 Trends: The New [Construction] Normal

Fueling Your Decarbonization Goals with Data

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The construction industry has an immense role to play in achieving global sustainability goals, currently contributing nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions. Whether it’s a requirement or a business opportunity, picture nearing project completion only to discover you’re not meeting all the sustainability standards and expectations. The challenge lies in knowing how and when you’ve met various sustainability measures, necessitating tracking progress and adjusting as needed before it’s too late. 

Any construction project involves many assets with sustainability data, such as energy efficiency, carbon footprint and waste reduction. To avoid surprises after the project, tagging assets with sustainability data throughout ensures you can track, analyze and report these achievements. 

In this discussion of decarbonization and asset centric project management, we'll discuss with GSA:

  • Current state of sustainability in the construction ecosystem
  • Value of sustainability-related data and what to do with it
  • How asset centric project management can meet your sustainability goals

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